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The Best Marketing Strategies for Small Medical Practices

If most patients can help it, they prefer the personal, attentive care of a small medical practice versus a crowded hospital or urgent care. As more medical practices continue to expand, physicians are looking for new ways to attract and retain patients. The reality is the smaller the medical practice, the more innovative its marketing strategy has to be for the business to survive.

At Triadic LLC, we provide Business Analysis and Intelligence solutions to agencies and professionals. By focusing on accuracy and management, we help businesses find the best solutions and strategies so they can run productively and efficiently.

A few proven marketing strategies that work best for small medical practices are: 

  • Update your website. In a smartphone-driven society, it’s critical to have a website that is mobile-friendly and responsive. Improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher in online searches for medical practices in your area.
  • Write a blog. Blogging is a type of content marketing that helps build your personal brand. Writing blog posts on a regular basis will provide a useful resource for new and existing patients.
  • Share content on social media. Over time social media has become an effective marketing tool for small businesses. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to post tips, news, and content related to your medical practice to engage followers and to remind them you’re available when they need your services.
  • Send an email newsletter. To drive traffic to your website, blog, and social media profiles, create an email list of clients and send a monthly newsletter. Allow existing clients, referrals, and social media followers to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Leverage patient reviews. Positive word-of-mouth is another marketing tool physicians can depend on. Request referrals and feedback from satisfied patients to help spread the word about your medical practice.

Anyone of these marketing strategies can help doctors and their medical practices grow and reach new patients. Contact us and ask how you can improve your marketing strategy.

How to Generate New Patients Through Your Website

One of the most common issues in a growing medical practice is where the future clients will come from. As the owner of the practice gets busier seeing patients, there needs to be a way for patients to easily find the practice.

As a medical consultant, I help doctors navigate through these problems with solutions like staff management, finance and accounting, and business intelligence. When I help with a growth strategy, I teach my clients to transition to developing patients through their website.

3 ways a growing medical practice can gain patients through their website is:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every medical practice needs a website, but as the practice grows, it’s important to have the website working for you. This means that it’s time to tie keywords into the website content in order to have search engines to send traffic to the website.
  2. Easy to Contact. Some patients will visit the website and determine immediately that they are the right patient for the practice. If that is the case, make it easy for them to contact the practice. The best websites even allow clients to book appointments through the website.
  3. Send Prospects to the Website. The website should be able to convert potential clients into patients. So when individuals have questions, the website should be able to answer those. The business will still need to be able to handle more complicated questions, but a good website help. Send referrals, referral partners, and prospects to the website to get their information and to get started.

We teach our clients that outsourcing is important to decide to do. If the information above is confusing or seems overwhelming, it is time to bring in a consultant to help. Contact our team at Triadic today to get started outsourcing and bringing in new patients.

How the Cost of Healthcare Impacts a Growing Medical Practice

Rising costs are a big deal substantial for any business. As a growing medical practice though, they represent an especially critical moment. The decisions and actions made concerning the issue will affect how customers view the company and their relationship.

Rolled Up Dollar Bills

Triadic has 30 years of experience in operational processes oversight, billing, and IT management. Triadic focuses on providing tools for medical practices to grow efficiently. The question is, how can a practice still grow efficiently in the face of rising healthcare cost?

4 tips will keep your medical practice growing amid rising healthcare costs are:

  1. Build relationships, choose local. When it comes to supplies used for your business, businesses may be best to choose a local supplier for two reasons. First, the local supplier may offer discounted rates due to lower delivery costs. Picking up supplies can lead to even more saved costs.
  2. Use technology to your advantage. How efficiently is the business team being used? Some people may shy away from technology, but we know first-hand how much time could be saved through just outsourcing billing or implementing an EHR system. This can often save the business from having to hire another member, which can be much more costly.
  3. Gradually increase prices. When the time comes that you need to raise prices, remember to do it gradually and respect customers. Customers respect openness and honesty. Let customers know what is happening and when. That way customers feel respected enough to speak to you and prepare.
  4. Revise the practice offerings. Look over the business offerings to decide whether there are more incremental steps to offer. Businesses often accomplish this by keeping the current price options but offering less in each to offset the rising cost. This gives customers the opportunity to not feel “pushed out” by rising cost and maintain their relationship with a practice they love and frequent.

So what is your plan to keep your medical practice growing? Speak to our experts to see how Triadic can make your medical practice more efficient and cost-effective.

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Growing Medical Practice

How to Stay Efficient in a Growing Practice

Patients are coming in. Your team is giving the best service possible. Mistakes are being made, but they are being learned from. Overall, business is going great, so great you need to expand.

There are a host of business skills required to run a great practice, and this is never more evident than times of expansion. These time can make or break a business which is why it’s important to do it the correct way.

4 ways to stay efficient in an expanding medical practice are:

  1. Hiring: It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways for an expanding medical practice to stay successful is to hire the right people. This is two-fold. First, hiring the necessary roles that may not have been needed before. Second, hiring great employees that can manage and accomplish all business needs, including customer service.
  2. Move with Foresight: A reactionary business cannot drive its future. A proactive company cultivates the client base that is best for them. A proactive company structures their team and environment for flexibility. A proactive has in control.
  3. Communication: As a medical practice expands communication becomes more difficult. There are more parties involved and more information to be kept. At some point, it becomes necessary to put systems in place before operations get too hectic.
  4. Outsourcing: It would be difficult for one medical practice to be the master of every aspect of their business. Outsourcing can be less expensive, more comprehensive, and more consistent.

Expanding a medical practice is a crucial process. That is why Triadic is here to help through the process. Triadic has over 30 years of combined experience in operational processes, whether that is Data Management, EHR Implementation, or Billing. Triadic looks to take the stress away from business so you can get back to serving the clients that are counting on you. Contact us now to set up a meeting.

Obstacles to a Growing Medical Practice

4 Of The Most Common Problems That Arise in a Growing Medical Practice

No one gets into business hoping to struggle or remain in the startup phase. We all want businesses that grow and thrive. But, in a medical practice, there can be a lot more hurdles to making that happen.

As the owner of Triadic, I consult with medical practices to help them with a variety of growth problems. Despite all of the array of problems I have seen in my medical consulting practice, there are a few common ones I regularly see.

4 common problems medical practices face that causes them not to grow are:

  1. Administrative Burdens: Many doctors who are new business owners try to keep costs down as much as possible and that’s okay! But, in doing so, they take on the brunt of the administrative work such as paperwork and insurance filings.
  2. Payers Dictating Cost: Many other business owners can set their own price they will charge, but the insurance companies set the amount they will pay per patient. Many doctors have to determine how this will impact their bottom line and client care.
  3. Staff Retention: Many employees are now driven by pay and benefits only. 10 years ago, employees were driven by loyalty. But, if another doctor’s office offers more money, there may be quite a bit of turnover and retraining new employees.
  4. Avoiding Liability: All doctors need insurance, but a doctor that owns their own practice must pay more for business insurance. This is another cost that will drive up against the amount insurance companies will pay for services and can quickly become a stressor.

These are all problems I help my clients navigate through in my medical consulting practice. If you are navigating one of these problems at the moment, contact me now to set up a time to chat.  

How Medicaid Reform Impacts Your Business

There is a bill in Congress set to fundamentally alter the way the federal government has been financing Medicaid for more than 50 years.  If this bill goes through, it will heavily impact medical practices. Especially small medical practices who are handling many of the day-to-day operations tasks.

Healthcare reform will change things for everyone.  At Triadic, we have seen two major ways that Medicaid Reform will affect your business.

2 ways Triadic has seen that Medicaid reform will impact medical practices are:

  1. Fee-for-Service: Lawmakers have chosen to convert Medicaid from the traditional fee-for-service program to one where services are paid as a per-patient monthly fee in exchange for supplying the patient’s care.
  2. Integrated Care: This would allow for better “integration” of physical health with mental health services and provide a complete personal care.

Changes to Medicaid and to the healthcare system can be complicated. It can be even more complicated for small medical practices that the owner handles the majority of the operational tasks.

It is even more complicated to understand the impact it has on small businesses. Triadic offers simpler comprehensive solutions for individual organizations.  Call us today for your healthcare resource needs.