Outsourced Medical Billing

How We Manage AR for Medical Practices

A significant asset of all healthcare providers is their accounts receivable services. A medical practice in Raleigh can’t succeed without having a plan of how to bring in money. Therefore, outsourcing healthcare accounts receivable services is a good option.

It provides a streamlined system of control to efficiently manage accounts receivables and recovery. At Triadic, LLC, our main objective is to recover funds as quickly as possible. Outsourcing to Triadic provides a quality solution at the cost-effective price.

3 key reasons that our Raleigh medical practices have outsourced their accounts receivables services are:

  1. Management: Accounts receivables includes the management of many reports dealing with insurance, collection analysis, write-offs, bad debt reviews and ratio analysis. It includes the analysis of insurance contracts to ensure that healthcare providers are being reimbursed properly.
  2. Reduce Administrative Strain: Outstanding claims and delayed collections often place added administrative strain on healthcare organizations.
  3. Comply with Regulations: Additionally, federal regulations have become increasingly more stringent. Triadic employees keep updated and know how to handle hurdles thrown in by such changes. 

Many customers will ask what is entailed in accounts received and specifically, outsourced medical accounts receivable.

Within Triadic, Accounts Receivable Services Include:

  • EHR Implementation, Maintenance and Training
  • Data Management
  • Operational Processes Consulting
  • Audit Consulting
  • Accreditation
  • Billing

Triadic, LLC can follow-up all pending claims, initiate collections, trace the reasons for claims denials, track outstanding receivable balances by the customer and by the date when payment is due and also provide periodic reports. Call us today to optimize the business end of your practice.

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