How Medicaid Reform Impacts Your Business

There is a bill in Congress set to fundamentally alter the way the federal government has been financing Medicaid for more than 50 years.  If this bill goes through, it will heavily impact medical practices. Especially small medical practices who are handling many of the day-to-day operations tasks.

Healthcare reform will change things for everyone.  At Triadic, we have seen two major ways that Medicaid Reform will affect your business.

2 ways Triadic has seen that Medicaid reform will impact medical practices are:

  1. Fee-for-Service: Lawmakers have chosen to convert Medicaid from the traditional fee-for-service program to one where services are paid as a per-patient monthly fee in exchange for supplying the patient’s care.
  2. Integrated Care: This would allow for better “integration” of physical health with mental health services and provide a complete personal care.

Changes to Medicaid and to the healthcare system can be complicated. It can be even more complicated for small medical practices that the owner handles the majority of the operational tasks.

It is even more complicated to understand the impact it has on small businesses. Triadic offers simpler comprehensive solutions for individual organizations.  Call us today for your healthcare resource needs.  

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