Growing Medical Practice

How to Stay Efficient in a Growing Practice

Patients are coming in. Your team is giving the best service possible. Mistakes are being made, but they are being learned from. Overall, business is going great, so great you need to expand.

There are a host of business skills required to run a great practice, and this is never more evident than times of expansion. These time can make or break a business which is why it’s important to do it the correct way.

4 ways to stay efficient in an expanding medical practice are:

  1. Hiring: It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways for an expanding medical practice to stay successful is to hire the right people. This is two-fold. First, hiring the necessary roles that may not have been needed before. Second, hiring great employees that can manage and accomplish all business needs, including customer service.
  2. Move with Foresight: A reactionary business cannot drive its future. A proactive company cultivates the client base that is best for them. A proactive company structures their team and environment for flexibility. A proactive has in control.
  3. Communication: As a medical practice expands communication becomes more difficult. There are more parties involved and more information to be kept. At some point, it becomes necessary to put systems in place before operations get too hectic.
  4. Outsourcing: It would be difficult for one medical practice to be the master of every aspect of their business. Outsourcing can be less expensive, more comprehensive, and more consistent.

Expanding a medical practice is a crucial process. That is why Triadic is here to help through the process. Triadic has over 30 years of combined experience in operational processes, whether that is Data Management, EHR Implementation, or Billing. Triadic looks to take the stress away from business so you can get back to serving the clients that are counting on you. Contact us now to set up a meeting.

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