With over 30 years of combined experience in operational processes oversight, billing and IT management, Triadic staff possess the Behavioral Healthcare experience necessary to assist you. From beginning to end, we are available for implementing and maintaining an EHR system, structuring processes to be as efficient as possible, focusing on your revenue and assisting with audits and accreditation.

  • How to Stay Efficient in a Growing Practice

    Patients are coming in. Your team is giving the best service possible. Mistakes are being made, but they are being learned from. Overall, business is going great, so great you need to expand.Growing Medical Practice

    There are a host of business skills required to run a great practice, and this is never more evident than times of expansion. These time can make or break a business which is why it’s important to do it the correct way.

    4 ways to stay efficient in an expanding medical practice are:

    1. Hiring: It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways for an expanding medical practice to stay successful is to hire the right people. This is two-fold. First, hiring the necessary roles that may not have been needed before. Second, hiring great employees that can manage and accomplish all business needs, including customer service.
    2. Move with Foresight: A reactionary business cannot drive its future. A proactive company cultivates the client base that is best for them. A proactive company structures their team and environment for flexibility. A proactive has in control.
    3. Communication: As a medical practice expands communication becomes more difficult. There are more parties involved and more information to be kept. At some point, it becomes necessary to put systems in place before operations get too hectic.
    4. Outsourcing: It would be difficult for one medical practice to be the master of every aspect of their business. Outsourcing can be less expensive, more comprehensive, and more consistent.

    Expanding a medical practice is a crucial process. That is why Triadic is here to help through the process. Triadic has over 30 years of combined experience in operational processes, whether that is Data Management, EHR Implementation, or Billing. Triadic looks to take the stress away from business so you can get back to serving the clients that are counting on you. Contact us now to set up a meeting.

  • Operational Processes Consulting

    Operational Processes Consulting

    Whether you have a new process that you’re having trouble defining or you just want to improve some of the processes you already have in place, we can assist with establishing a workflow that is as efficient as possible as well as ensuring you have proper internal audit controls in place.
    • Processes / Workflow Developement
    • Forms Developement
  • Accreditation


    Accreditation can be a very labor intensive process but is crucial for an agency. Having worked on multiple accreditations, we have the experience to assist your staff in completing a successful review.

    Allow us to assist you in this process.

  • How Medicaid Reform Impacts Your Business

    There is a bill in Congress set to fundamentally alter the way the federal government has been financing Medicaid for more than 50 years.  If this bill goes through, it will heavily impact medical practices. Especially small medical practices who are handling many of the day-to-day operations tasks.

    Healthcare reform will change things for everyone.  At Triadic, we have seen two major ways that Medicaid Reform will affect your business.

    2 ways Triadic has seen that Medicaid reform will impact medical practices are:

    1. Fee-for-Service: Lawmakers have chosen to convert Medicaid from the traditional fee-for-service program to one where services are paid as a per-patient monthly fee in exchange for supplying the patient’s care.
    2. Integrated Care: This would allow for better “integration” of physical health with mental health services and provide a complete personal care.

    Changes to Medicaid and to the healthcare system can be complicated. It can be even more complicated for small medical practices that the owner handles the majority of the operational tasks.

    It is even more complicated to understand the impact it has on small businesses. Triadic offers simpler comprehensive solutions for individual organizations.  Call us today for your healthcare resource needs.  

  • Billing


    We are responsible for processing millions of dollars annually in current and back billing for various companies. We have an average collection rate of 99% with a one week turn around.

        Direct Billing:

    We will process and bill your services directly to Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs and commercial agencies using your system or ours.


    If you have your billing process under control and just need some assistance working your denied claims, save your staff’s time and let us handle them for you.

        Old outstanding items:

    Do you have some claims that are outstanding and feel you may have to write them off?  If so, let us devote the time and energy to researching them for you before you consider that money a loss.  We have collected thousands of dollars on claims just like this for other agencies. Our fees are a percentage of dollars collected and are based on the type of billing. Please contact us today for a quote.

  • Audit Consulting

    Audit Consulting

    Audits can be time consuming, stressful and can affect your revenue if you are not properly prepared.  Allow us to not only assist you in preparing for an upcoming audit but also to structure your agency to be audit ready at all times.

Experience That Shows…

  • Billing to Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs and commercial agencies
  • CMS-1500 and UB-04
  • A 99% collection rate with an average of a 1 week turn around
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) research, implementation and maintenance
  • Staff training
  • Report development and generation
  • Data Management and anaylsis
  • Experience in credentialing
  • Consulting experience in the areas of:
    • accredidation
    • auditing
    • operational process oversight
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